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Hyundai Offering Discounts

Hyundai Offering Discounts to Fleets

Hyundai are now offering discounts to limousine fleet operators to promote their new limo which they have bought out the Genesis which starts at £30,000 and £35,000 for the larger model with more features is said to be trying to challenge the new Lincoln MKT which has now been released at around the same price. Hyundai now offer 10 year warranty with the vehicles with the 100,000 mile cut which means you will have fantastic insurance with the new Hyundai.

Reviewers have gave the Genesis fantastic reviews and said they will give Hyundai a massive leap forward with the rear wheel drive system and the town car sedan coming through, people are now wondering will the Chrysler C300 now fade away in the coming years and these two cars have something to say in the limousine future. Reviewers have described the limo as the best limousine ever to drive.