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Limo War in Milton Keynes

Limo War Breaks in Milton Keynes

Limo wars have broken out in Milton Keynes with unlicensed operators breaking the law when they carry passengers. The ‘cowboy’ drivers are not only undercutting prices of the licensed companies but putting the public at risk because they are not insured, said one limo company this week.

The city has just two properly licensed limousine hire companies: Starlight Limos, also known as What Limo UK, and Top Marque Limos, also known as MK Limos. Richard Moughton from Starlight Limos said: “With the school prom season coming up, we’re warning parents to check for a licence before they book anything.

Otherwise they could find the company is operating illegally and passengers would not be insured. Limos companies need either a PSV licence from VOSA, the vehicle operator’s standards agency, or a licence issued by the council’s Private hire Office. Any limo is forbidden to carry more than eight passengers.