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Ferrari California

The Ferrari California

 The new F12 Berlinetta, a replacement for the 599. Roberto Fedeli, Ferrari’s technical director, explained that this new car is the confluence of two twelve-cylinder lines at Ferrari, combining the excitement of the old mid/rear-engine Testcross and the power and predictability of the mid/front-engine 599.

With 730bhhp from the 6.3-litre V12, this is Ferrari’s most powerful-ever road car, with 0-62mph acceleration in a claimed 3.1sec, a top speed of 211mph and 30 per cent better fuel economy than its 599 predecessor at 18.9mpg in the EU Combined cycle, with CO2 emissions of 350g/km.

“Too much power!” choked Fedeli when asked, “you have to use all the power you install in a car, or it becomes extra emissions and weight.” He claims electronics have tamed the engine for the road, but kept the excitement. He also says the V12 could give more, which adds fuel to the rumour that this V12, in uprated form, will power the forthcoming replacement to the Enzo.